In the Artist’s Studio

Suzanne Shelley

The word “raku” means “happiness in the accident.” Originally created for the Korean tea ceremony, this technique was subsequently found by ceramic adherents in the sixteenth century in Japan, where the great masters such as Sen no Rikyu were able to give full scope to the art based on a particular process ….

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Andrew Smith

Andrew is a local NSW South Coast and Canberra artist who enjoys painting in acrylic and oil.  His paintings are mostly of places, flora and fauna that he observes during his explorations around Australia.

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Dave Ramsland

It was Bela Ivanyi who inspired me to connect with my artistic self and, for me, painting developed into a life-long obsession filled with the excitement, challenges and frustrations of exploring and experimenting with the way the artist can make the paint play out on the canvas. I love the way a work evolves and the exhilaration that comes from getting it just right.

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Derek Lark

Derek Lark, videographer, musician, electronic technician, facilitator.

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Janet Kininmonth

One of my latest projects was to delve into a huge box of glass off cuts in a range of purple hues to see what I might be able to create. I started the long and least fun part of the process by cleaning the entire selection and ridding it of any oil, debris, marking pen etc. as any traces have the potential to mark and ruin the fused piece.

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Nick Hopkins

Nick Hopkins is a South Coast wood turner and sculptor, specialising in one-off artistic pieces.His raw materials are largely timbers he has scavenged himself from 2nd hand timber yards, or from trees felled on his former permaculture property on the NSW far North Coast during weed removal eg Camphor laurel. His favourite timbers are Australian Red Cedar, Mango and Oregon.e.

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